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New Car Detail

For customers taking delivery of a new vehicle who wish to have it cleaned and protected to a far higher standard than can be offered by the dealership.
Vehicles are often the second biggest investment we make, so why not make it’s delivery extra special?

Paintwork protection offered by Dealerships is usually low quality, and the valeters are given minimal time and little training in how to prepare and protect your new pride and joy, with costs kept to a bare minimum.



For your new vehicles


Single stage machine polish to maximise gloss


Your vehicle will have a much more vibrant colour with vivid reflections and a deep glossy look


A comprehensive cleanse and polish for your vehicle


5 Year+ Ceramic Coating to keep it protected

GYEON Certified Detailer
New Car Detailing

Why Detail a new car?

Contrary to popular belief, new cars are rarely delivered in perfect condition. In fact, they often have imperfections such as holograms, swirl marks, and light scratches. The paintwork can also be rough to the touch due to surface contamination caused by weather, road grime, industrial fallout and pollution. When the dealership gives the vehicle a quick wash, it can result in more scratches and damage.
Unfortunately, many dealerships prioritize minimizing costs rather than properly preparing and protecting your new investment. Considering that vehicles are one of the biggest investments we make, shouldn’t we make their delivery extra special?

New Car Detail Overview

We offer two  Ceramic Coating options:

GYEON Certified Detailer 5+ Years

From £600
Duration : 2-3 days
GYEON Infinite Base
– Add GYEON Top Coat from £200


  • Wheel arches cleaned
  • Multi stage wheel cleaning process
  • Snow foam pre-wash
  • Extensive multi-stage wash process
  • Chemical decontamination with fallout remover and tar remover
  • Manual decontamination with clay bar
  • Pure water rinse
  • Dry with filtered hot air and plush towels
  • Single stage machine polishing process
  • Paintwork prepared for Ceramic Coating
  • GYEON Ceramic Coating applied
  • Tyres nourished and protected
  • Exhaust tailpipe(s) polished and sealant applied
  • Chrome / brightwork polished and protected
  • Glass cleaned
  • Door checks cleaned

Optional Upgrades

Prices from:

GYEON Top Coat for added protection £200
Wheel face protection £85
Wheels removed, cleaned & protected £185
Windscreen treated with rain repellant £65
All glass treated with rain repellant £95
Plastic trim ceramic coated £35
Interior Detail £65
Interior fabric & leather protected £95
Engine bay £45

– Full exterior protection package
Wheels on – £285
Wheels removed – £385

Products used:

  • GYEON Rim
  • GYEON View
  • GYEON Trim
  • GYEON Fabric
  • GYEON Leather

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