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Want to Get Your Vehicle Detailed?

Our vehicles are subjected to all manner of abuse, including the weather, general road traffic grime and pollution, all of which can leave your vehicle looking rather dull and forlorn.
At Auto Detailing Services we recognise the importance of regular cosmetic maintenance, and are committed to complete satisfaction.

Choosing the level of service that’s right for you and your vehicle can be a little confusing, that’s why we offer a free consultation. We can discuss the various processes and options, how they affect your vehicle, and how it needs to be cared for, to help you decide which service is most appropriate.

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New Car Detail

For customers taking delivery of a new vehicle who wish to have it cleaned and protected to a far higher standard than can be offered by the dealership.
Vehicles are often the second biggest investment we make, so why not make it’s delivery extra special?

Paintwork protection offered by Dealerships is usually low quality, and the valeters are given minimal time and little training in how to prepare and protect your new pride and joy, with costs kept to a bare minimum.

– Single stage machine polish
– A comprehensive cleanse and polish for your vehicle
– GYEON Certified Detailer Ceramic Coating to keep it protected

From £600
2 – 3 days

  • GYEON Infinite Coating 5 Year+
  • Wheels cleaned
  • Clay bar & fallout remover
  • Plush towel & filtered warm air drying
  • 1 stage machine polishing
  • Ceramic Coating applied
  • Glass cleaned
  • Exhaust tips polished

Used Car Detailing

Aston Martin Detailing

Level 1 - Enhance

Single stage machine polish to remove light scratches and wash marring.
Suitable for vehicles under 12 months old, or if you don’t mind some defects in your paint but want added gloss and shine on an older vehicle.

Range Rover Detailing

Level 2 - Enhance Plus

Our most popular Detail. Two stage machine polish for removal of medium defects and swirl marks.
Great option for used vehicles which have a moderate level of imperfections such as paint swirls, scratches & marring to the finish.

Range Rover Detail

Level 3 - Correction

For poorly maintained vehicles inflicted with heavy swirls, scratches, defects & wash marring.
Multi stage machine polish for removal of  severe defects and swirl marks.


Level 4 - Signature Detail

When you want the very best for your vehicle.
Multi stage machine polishing process.
Every surface cleansed, polished and protected with the World’s finest products.
Bespoke Detail tailored for you and your vehicle.

Pre Sale Detailing Services

Pre Sale Detail

Single stage machine polish to reduce swirls & marring, adding gloss, shine & protection.
Interior valet.
Perfect when selling a vehicle to enhance its desirability and value.

Interior Detailing Services

Interior Detail

Clutter free cockpit areas and clean windows are obvious safety considerations, but with the use of our specialist cleaners we also clean away the things you can’t see, to help protect you and your passengers. Normally added to an exterior Detail.
From £70

Bentley Detailing Services

Aftercare & Maintenance

Regular maintenance including safe washing and drying to keep your previously Detailed vehicle pristine and protected.
From £50

Porsche Detailing Services

Protection Detail

For vehicles requiring no machine polishing.
+ Chemical decontamination.
+ GYEON Wax or 1 Year Ceramic Coating applied.
+ GYEON Quick View applied to all exterior glass.

GYEON Ceramic Coatings

To protect your vehicle after your chosen Detailing Service

At Auto Detailing Services we only apply Gyeon Ceramic Quartz Coatings to surfaces that are in pristine condition.
These coatings provide long lasting, high quality protection to your vehicles surfaces, and are not meant to just gloss over defects.
Your vehicle will receive a Full Detail to get it to the standard required. Then your chosen Gyeon Coatings will be applied.

“Just to say many thanks for doing such amazing work on our vehicles. Excellent service throughout, and they look stunning.”

“Wanted to let you know how pleased I am with what you have done with the car. Already I have had several people tell me how good it looks! ”

“Thank you for arranging to get my wheels refurbished while you had my car. You have both done a brilliant job.”

“Thanks again for Detailing and ceramic coating our cars. We are so pleased! We’ll stay in touch and book in for regular maintenance care!”

Auto Detailing Services

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