Enhancement Detail – Stage 1

This detailing service enhances the luster and radiance of your vehicle’s paint, providing a glossy and deep finish. Tailored for vehicles in need of minor defect removal, it is specifically designed for those with light paint swirls and marring, typically under 18 months old.
Also effective for classic vehicles, as it minimizes paint removal while maximizing gloss.

Application of GYEON Certified Detailer Infinite Base 5 Year+* Ceramic Coating to ensure long-lasting protection for your vehicle.



Single stage machine polish for removal of light defects, swirls & marring


Up to 100% defect removal on newer vehicles


50-70% defect removal usually achieved on older vehicles


Your vehicle will have a much more vibrant colour and a deep glossy look


A comprehensive cleanse and polish for your vehicle


5 Year+ Ceramic Coating to keep it protected

GYEON Certified Detailer


We offer two  Ceramic Coating options:

GYEON Certified Detailer 5+ Years

From £620
Duration : 2+ days
GYEON Infinite Base
– Add GYEON Top Coat from £200

GYEON Certified Detailer 1 Year+

From £400
Duration : 2 days

Detailing Process


  • Multi stage wheel cleaning process
  • Snow foam pre-wash
  • Extensive multi-stage wash process
  • Chemical decontamination with fallout remover and tar remover
  • Manual decontamination with clay bar
  • Dry with filtered hot air and plush towels
  • Single stage machine polishing process
  • Paintwork prepared for Ceramic Coating
  • GYEON Ceramic Coating applied
  • Tyres nourished and protected
  • Exhaust tailpipe(s) polished and sealant applied
  • Chrome / brightwork polished and protected
  • Exterior glass cleaned
  • Door checks cleaned

Optional Upgrades

Prices from:

GYEON Top Coat for added protection £200
Wheel face protection £85
Wheels removed, cleaned & protected £185
Windscreen treated with rain repellant £65
All glass treated with rain repellant £95
Plastic trim ceramic coated £35
Interior Detail £65
Interior fabric & leather protected £95
Engine bay £45
Soft top clean & reproof £125

– Full exterior protection package
Wheels on – £285
Wheels removed – £385

Products used:

GYEON Fabric
GYEON Leather

Most popular optional extras

Other Services


Protection Detail

From £195


Enhancement Plus Detail

From £650

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